National Power Grid Outlook
Thursday January 18, 2018
34,828 MW
Current Net demand
33,166 MW34,074 MW
Current Net DemandForecast Net Peak
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Today's Outlook by Area
  • Baja California

    Net Demand: 1,491 MW

    Net Supply: 1,482 MW

    Net Forecast: 2,322 MW

    18/01/2018 12:03:39 PM

  • Baja California Sur

    Net Demand: 257 MW

    Net Supply: 256 MW

    Net Forecast: 450 MW

    18/01/2018 12:03:39 PM


    Net Demand: 7,161 MW

    Net Supply: 4,979 MW

    Net Forecast: 7,705 MW

    18/01/2018 12:03:39 PM


    Net Demand: 7,028 MW

    Net Supply: 10,925 MW

    Net Forecast: 6,616 MW

    18/01/2018 12:03:39 PM


    Net Demand: 2,142 MW

    Net Supply: 2,141 MW

    Net Forecast: 2,108 MW

    18/01/2018 12:03:39 PM


    Net Demand: 2,875 MW

    Net Supply: 2,696 MW

    Net Forecast: 2,935 MW

    18/01/2018 12:03:39 PM


    Net Demand: 8,130 MW

    Net Supply: 4,325 MW

    Net Forecast: 8,148 MW

    18/01/2018 12:03:39 PM


    Net Demand: 4,715 MW

    Net Supply: 8,355 MW

    Net Forecast: 5,059 MW

    18/01/2018 12:03:39 PM


    Net Demand: 1,115 MW

    Net Supply: 466 MW

    Net Forecast: 1,153 MW

    18/01/2018 12:03:39 PM


    Net Demand: 33,166 MW

    Net Supply: 33,887 MW

    Net Forecast: 34,074 MW

    jueves 18 enero 2018

Recent News

2016.03.31 CENACE publishes Algorithms and Source Code used for the analysis and selection of the received economic supplies in the first auction of Long Term of the Wholesale Electrical Market. To see details in Auctions of Long Term.
2016.03.31 CENACE puts at your disposal the verdict of The Long Term First Auction SLP-1/2015. To see details in Auctions of Long Term.
2016.03.30 It concluded the evaluation of the economic offers of the First Long Term Electrical Auction (Press release)
2016.03.28 CENACE has received 227 offers for the first Long Term Market auction of the Wholesale Electrical Market. There were a total of 69 registered participants. See the press report which is also included in the documents for the Long Term Auctions documents.
2016.03.17 Baja California Sur's Interconected Electrical System will begin operations on March 22nd of the present year. It will begin with the Day Ahead operations and the following day will see the beginning of the Real Time Market. See details in the PML and Related Services section.
On March 13th the Daylight Savings Time begins in Baja California. The Local Marginal Prices and Related Services for that system, for that day, show information for the hours 01 to the 23. See details in the PML and Related Services section.
2016.01.28 CENACE starts the Day Ahead Market (MDA) for the National Power Grid, with the publication of the Local Marginal Prices (PML) and the Prices of Related Services.
2016.01.27 CENACE starts the Day Ahead Market (MDA) for the Baja California Electric System, with the publication of the Local Marginal Prices (PML) and the Prices of Related Services.
2015.12.28 CENACE informs the Bidding for the first Long Term Auction 2015 (SLP no. 1/2015) was published with all Annexes.
From November 30 to December 10, 2015 may be purchased the Bidding for the first Long Term Auction 2015 ( SLP - 1/2015 )
mar.. 29 .16 First Bidding for the Long Term Auction
Full transmission Video of the First Auction of Long-Term Wholesale Electric Market.
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ene.. 26 .16 Short Term Electric Market Starts Operations
SENER has emitted the resolution by which it authorizes the start of operations for the Short Term Energy Market
More >>
ene.. 25 .16 Market Participants Contract Models and NTN & GDN Agreements
CENACE publishes the contract models for the Market Participants and agreements for the operators of the National Transmission Network and General Distribution Network
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dic.. 31 .15 Short Term Electric Market Schedule
SENER presents the schedule for the beginning of the Short Term Electric Market, for Baja California as well as for the National Interconnected System
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sep.. 04 .15 Access to the Extension and Modernization Model of the NTN (2015-2029)
According to article 160 of LIE and taking into consideration that the Wholesale Electrical Market starts operation on January 1st of 2016, CENACE has determined that by this Only Time, the models of the NTN used by CENACE for "the development of extension and modernization programs as for the elements of the General Distribution Network" that belong to the Wholesale Electrical Market will be published for those interested in knowing electric models and who'm also has accredited the fulfillment of following points (see requirements).
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jul.. 24 .15 Extension and Modernization Program of the Electric Network (2015-2029)
CENACE issued the Enlargement and Modernization Program of the Transmission National Network and The Distribution Network on the Wholesale Electrical Market.
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abr.. 08 .15 C.R.E. issues requirements for electricity generation permits
The Control Detachment of Energy (CRE) sends the administrative Dispositions of general character that establish the terms to present the information regarding the social object, legal capacity, technical and financial, as well as the description of the project, and the format of the request of permissions of generation of electrical energy.
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mar.. 31 .15 SENER issues the requirements for clean energies
The Energy Deparment (S.E.N.E.R) presents the requirement for the acquisition of Certificates of Green Energies in 2018.
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feb.. 07 .15 Conference “Electrical Power Generation...”
The conference cycle “Electrical Power Generation and Renewable Energy impulse in Mexico” was held on 5-6 February 2015 in Morelia Michoacán where the Director Ing. Eduardo Meraz Ateca participated as speaker with the masterly conference: Renewable Energy on Power Grid Operation.
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sep.. 28 .14 The board of directors is installed
The Board of Directors of CENACE was installed (Press Release 078).
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ago.. 28 .14 CENACE is established
Presidential Decree was published where it was created Centro Nacional de Control de Energia (CENACE), in compliance with the new legislation on Energy.
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